Meet The Team

MOLLY BURDICK – Creator of Hearts for Adventure

I reside in Portland, Oregon, work at Nike, and can be found outdoors, climbing or hiking with my son, and husband every weekend. Cardiac disease is something I was born with, and through fitness and a mostly plant-based diet, I have been able to live an active life as an athlete.  I am an avid rock climber and discovered that breathing techniques necessary to secure every hand hold helped me to find calm in stressful circumstances, not only on the wall, but in every day life. Congenital Heart Disease was a huge mountain in my life, and I was forced to conquer my fears of the future, possible outcomes, and PTSD associated to this disease. Climbing and bouldering allowed me to find freedom from the stresses and internal turmoil of having a sick heart. Rather than focusing on my ailments, I now travel and discover places and things I never thought possible, without the fear of my heart giving out on me. I put all my energy into being the best possible version of myself, and constantly push the limits of what I am capable of as not just a cardiac patient, but athlete. Please contact us if you would like to join us on our adventures or would like ideas of your own. No matter what mountain you are conquering, don’t give up and keep the stoke alive; it only gets better from here.

DAVE BURDICK – Photographer and Co-Adventurer


Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I developed a strong appreciation early on for the outdoors and the energy I experience while in nature.  I found my passion for the outdoors by constantly exploring the rivers and mountains in my backyard.  I was inspired to explore from seeing photographs by Ansel Adams, and knew I wanted to pursue the opportunity to capture images of nature’s beauty.  Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, I’m just a short drive to the rugged Oregon Coast, the mountain peaks of the Cascades, and the many beautiful waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge.  Just about every weekend I am home, I am out exploring any of these scenic locations with a camera in my hand.  Beyond the Pacific Northwest, my adventurous travels have taken me throughout many exotic locations along the West coast.  I have mountain biked singletrack trails in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, rock climbed the boulders of Joshua Tree in Southern California, and hiked the glacier peaks of Montana.  My photography style focuses on capturing landscapes during the golden hour light of sunrise and sunset, while constantly exploring in between to find the next great location.  The goal I aspire for with my photography is to capture images that inspire individuals to get off the couch, go outside, and live life by exploring nature.  You can follow me on Instagram @daveburdickphotographer to see our latest adventures.