Who We Are

This organization is built on the desire to bring adventure to patients who struggle living with cardiac disease and other heart related abnormalities. This desire comes from my own past struggles with a rare form of cardiac disease. We all deserve a chance to live life, get outdoors and find strength in each storm we encounter. I believe that nature helps us find the peace, strength and courage we need to overcome any obstacle. This community will serve as a place to find an adventure that best suits your cardiac output ability. We will be organizing hikes, rock climbing excursions, walks on the beach and even strolls through local parks. Our job is to get you outdoors for an adventure that will strengthen your heart and help you either live life for the first time, or bring you back to a time before you had heart problems. We are each on our own path to health and no one should have to struggle living with cardiac disease. Believe in yourself and get ready to start the journey of a lifetime. You are not alone.

As a National volunteer for the American Heart Association, all hiking and climbing trips offered through my Organization are free of cost to heart patients and their families. If you are interested in donating, all funds go directly to the American Heart Association and can be accessed directly through their site at https://donatenow.heart.org/